Suunto Traverse Release Notes

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Suunto Traverse 2.0.22

- This update brings a new GPS firmware to improve general tracking accuracy
- To ensure a smooth update, make sure that you have the latest Moveslink2 version (1.4.4.) installed in your PC/Mac before updating

Suunto Traverse 2.0.18

This release fixes the following issues reported by our users:
- Heart symbol is showing in search view before location view
- Setting POI in MGRS coordinate system got stuck
- Sunrise/sunset shortcut replaces chosen shortcut after a while
- Route navigation guides always to the nearest waypoint and stays on, when POI navigation is started during same recording session
- If distance to a POI is larger than 20km, pixels missing from display
- During update from 2.0.5 to 2.0.12 yearly step counter data shifted forward by 2 months
- Route/track begin/end symbols are not centralized
- Same notifications are not shown twice

In addition, this release contains the following technical improvements:
- Moveslink2 Komposti library requirement increased to version 2.4.89
- During the upcoming next firmware update, the watch will ask user to update Moveslink2 if it's not at least the required version
- Prepares the watch for future firmware upgrades

Suunto Traverse 2.0.12

- This release focuses on bug fixes
- Fixed POI related synchronization failure
NOTE: If you are currently experiencing the problem, make sure to update your Moveslink 2 application to the latest version before updating your watch to avoid losing your unsynchronized Moves. More information available at
- Improvements to step counter
- Fixed a bug related to Findback feature activation in certain languages
- Fixed a bug related to pusher lock not going off in certain situations
- Known issue: there are localization issues in certain languages that cause some POI type names being available only in the English language
- Other minor bug fixes

Suunto Traverse 2.0.5

- Route altitude graph added to real time route navigation
- CARDINALS compass display available from GENERAL > Formats -> Compass unit
- Fixed bug related to incorrect sync of advanced settings
- Fixed bug related to imperial / metric conversion for POI altitude difference measurement
- Minor bug fixing and general performance improvements

Suunto Traverse 1.5.4

- GLONASS support added. Activate GLONASS from the options menu under NAVIGATION > Settings > GNSS. Using GLONASS may have an effect on battery life.
- New steps display added. Activate the display from the start menu under DISPLAYS > Steps. Use the [VIEW] button to scroll through four views: (1) step count and daily calories for current day, (2) graph of average daily steps for the last 7 days, (3) graph of average daily steps for the last 30 days, and (4) graph of average steps for last 12 months. The right most bar in the graphs represents the current day / month.
- Improvements to step count algorithm
- Waypoint approaching notifications added in route navigation
- Waypoints along a pre-planned route are now shown in the map view. Closest POIs are shown in the map view.
- Map view and altitude profile of a track are generated for each saved track and shown in the logbook.
- Route view added to navigation. Route map with marked waypoints can be viewed under NAVIGATION > Routes.
- Altitude profile for recorded tracks added to logbook. Both track map and track altitude are available.
- Language updates, minor bug fixing and general performance improvements

Suunto Traverse 1.0.12

- Fixed issues with slow navigation screen
- Minor bug fixes and general performance improvement

Suunto Traverse 1.0.4

- Initial Release