Suunto Traverse Alpha Release notes

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Suunto Traverse Alpha 2.0.22

- This update brings a new GPS firmware to improve general tracking accuracy
- To ensure a smooth update, make sure that you have the latest Moveslink2 version (1.4.4.) installed in your PC/Mac before updating

Suunto Traverse Alpha 2.0.18
This release fixes the following issues reported by our users:
- Traverse Alpha: Belt is unpaired, but HR icon is shown
- Heart symbol is showing in search view before location view
- Setting POI in MGRS coordinate system got stuck
- Sunrise/sunset shortcut replaces chosen shortcut after a while
- Route navigation guides always to the nearest waypoint and stays on, when POI navigation is started during same recording session
- If distance to a POI is larger than 20km, pixels missing from display
- During update from 2.0.5 to 2.0.12 yearly step counter data shifted forward by 2 months
- Route/track begin/end symbols are not centralized
- Same notifications are not shown twice
- Shot trigger level setting moved to SERVICE/ACTION menu

In addition, this release contains the following technical improvements:
- Moveslink2 Komposti library requirement increased to version 2.4.89
- During the upcoming next firmware update, the watch will ask user to update Moveslink2 if it's not at least the required version
- Prepares the watch for future firmware upgrades

Suunto Traverse Alpha 2.0.12
- This release focuses on bug fixes
- Fixed POI related synchronization failure
NOTE: If you are currently experiencing the problem, make sure to update your Moveslink 2 application to the latest version before updating your watch to avoid losing your unsynchronized Moves. More information available at
- Improvements to step counter
- Fixed a bug related to Findback feature activation in certain languages
- Fixed a bug related to pusher lock not going off in certain situations
- Known issue: there are localization issues in certain languages that cause some POI type names being available only in the English language
- Other minor bug fixes

Suunto Traverse Alpha 2.0.5
- Improvements to shot recognition algorithm
- Improvements to compass performance while log recording
- General performance improvements

Suunto Traverse Alpha 2.0.2
- Initial Release.